Safety Program Development

Benchmark Safety Inc. can develop a program that is applicable to your core business. With the involvement of management and employees, the process allows ongoing buy-in and ownership to the program activities. The focus will be on key areas that may require development, which could include:

  • Management Involvement and Commitment
  • Hazard Identification and Control
  • Safety Rules and Work Procedures
  • Employee Training
  • Safety Communication
  • Incident and Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Worksite Inspections
  • Emergency Response Planning

As your company grows, the Basic Safety Program can be expanded to meet your needs in module format. These modules are self-contained and can be completed independent of the others as per your company requirements.

The modules include the following topics:

  • Contractor Management
  • Accident Statistics and Trend Analysis
  • Engineering Controls
  • Equipment Preventive Maintenance
  • Health and Safety Promotion
  • Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committees
  • Purchasing Controls
  • Safety Recognition Programs